Koper Card


New contactless smart cards Koper Card Plus are available in four motives.

The VALUE CARD bears no name and is transferable. It will provide a free-ofcharge change of buses within 30 minutes from the payment for the first bus travel. The value Koper Card Plus will be chargeable with up to €50 credit.

The TIME CARD will replace the currently valid monthly tickets. It is issued to a specific holder and is not transferable. It enables an unlimited number of rides on all city bus routes. The monthly time card can only be obtained from the Koper Bus Station selling point, Kolodvorska 11, where we will register the right of use for an individual type of monthly time card. When buying the time card for the first time, you will have to identify yourself with an ID document, but without any ID photo to be put on.


The time cards can be topped at the ticket vending machine and any other selling point, where the monthly validity of the card can be renewed for the next month after paying for the appropriate monthly ticket. In addition to a monthly ticket, the time card can be topped up with a credit (up to €50) which is then used in the same way as cash or for paying for other services that will be included in the Koper Card Plus system. If you have a valid monthly ticket loaded on your time card, the system registers the monthly ticket and does not deduct the amount of fare. When the system detects that no valid monthly ticket is loaded on the card, it automatically deducts the fare from the balance on the card.

The Koper Card Plus is permanent.