Koper Card

Sale and topping-up of cards

kartomatYou can also buy value cards at ticket vending machines, which means that the Koper Card Plus is available 24 hours a day.

The purchase procedure at a ticket vending machine is simple. The button »Nakup nove kartice« (Buy new card) appears at the bottom of the touch screen. The purchase procedure starts when you press the button. First select the method of payment (cash, bank or credit card, Moneta) and pay for the card. The price is the same as at other points of sale, i.e. €2.50. The ticket vending machine issues the card and the procedure is completed. If you buy a card with cash and insert more than €2.50 in the ticket vending machine, the machine instructs you to touch the card scanner with the new card so that the surplus amount can be credited to the card. The ticket vending machine guides the user through the procedure by sound and written instructions on the screen.


If you insert more money than required when paying for a monthly ticket at the ticket vending machine or buying a new Koper Card Plus, the surplus amount is added to the selected card as a credit. If you do not want to add credit to the card in this way, prepare the exact amount when buying a card or topping it up.