Koper Card

Bus ride

It is only possible to enter the bus through the front door next to the driver. The ride must be paid immediately after entering the bus, by validating the Koper Card Plus. There is one card reader (validator) on every bus – it is located next to the driver and is intended for paying for the ride for one or several passengers with the same card and/or with a mobile phone.

To validate the card, the user touches the validator with the Koper Card Plus, close to the image of a hand holding a card. The card must be validated upon every entry to a bus, even when switching buses. Free tickets must also be validated. If after the validation the Koper Card Plus is again in contact with the validator on the same bus, the words 'ŽE VALIDIRANA' (already validated) appear on the screen. The card balance is shown again.

At the vehicles' exit doors additional readers – validators are installed, which are used for counting passengers. A counting survey over the passengers and control over the individual departure density will be provided, in order to ensure easier planning of changes in the bus line scheme and timetable.
The passenger has to touch-off the validator with the Koper Card Plus when exiting the vehicle.

Paying for the rides of several passengers
The rides of several passengers are paid from the available credit on the value or time cards. Please, tell the driver to select the desired number of tickets on a special terminal and then touch the validator with the card. The 30-minute bus switching period applies to all passengers travelling with you, but only if you travel together.

The list of tickets selling points with accompanying information is available at www.arriva.si and www.koper.si.

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